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Recipes for the Edible Man - Porn for Women with bite!

Feeling Hungry?

You've come to the right place. Food Porn is about combining two wonderful things: sex and food. It's about enjoying tasty naked men without guilt!

Inside you'll discover just how to prepare that gorgeous man for your consumption. We've got entrees, mains and plenty of lip licking desserts.
All accompanied by the hottest free pics of naked men!

And why not add to our list of sexual euphemisms!

Food Porn offers erotica for women. It's such a relief to have some decent erotica on the net for women. Before this, all women had to look at was male porn - you know, the same old stuff: big tits, shaven pussies, fake moans, big hair, bad makeup, ugly guys and women who can take 35 inches of alien cock at once. While it can be arousing at times, it all gets a bit the same, doesn't it? There's only some much hard-fucking, cum sucking, semen on the face, enjoys taking it up the ass/arse, sexist shit you can take. I'm sick of seeing women referred to as "bitches", "sluts", "whores" or even "horny housewives". And the barely legal stuff is seriously dodgy. 

Of course, it's entirely true that some women like looking at porn for blokes. Admittedly it can be very arousing, as any depiction of sex acts can be. I guess what we're really after is less of the powerplay stuff, less desire to see women kneeling, less depiction of women as bimbos, or as pure pussy that needs to be rammed. Where are the clitorises? You can bet all these movies and videos have women orgasm ing at the drop of a hat. There won't be a clitoris in sight. And there won't be any muff diving, unless it's done by an alleged lesbian. And naturally she won't be a lesbian at all, because I'm sure that lesbians don't really have sex like that.

In any case, porn for women is growing, and I'm pleased to bring you a site featuring naked straight men, funny recipes, sexual euphemisms and lots of laughs. I'm also happy to review a few women's porn paysites, just so you know what's in them.

I've also been collecting some fabulous euphemisms for the sex act and the sexual organs. I'd like to hear everyone's examples of how we won't say penis, vagina, vulva, clitoris, testicles, urethra, vas deferens, labia, pubic hair, or scrotum. Instead we'll part the corn beef curtains and discuss a blue veined custard chucker.

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