Reynaldo Columbus'
Amazing Search For 
The Lost Clitoris

"Who'd have thought it was there?"    

What they said about Reynaldo Columbus

- Who's Who

"Reynaldo's brave search was sorely needed. What a pity his report hasn't been more widely read."
- Hilary Clinton

"Reynaldo excelled in this subject. He was the best student I ever had."
Reynaldo's orienteering teacher.

"I gave him an F"
Reynaldo's anatomy teacher.

"What's a clitoris?"
- Men everywhere

"Mmmmf, mm, mmf, mmmmmffff."
- Bob, a gigolo skilled in the use of the clitoris.

"I envisage that in the next 10 years, man will know where the clitoris is."
- Excerpt from John F. Kennedy's original unedited moon landing speech.

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Welcome to Reynaldo Columbus' Amazing Search For The Lost Clitoris.

THRILL! as Reynaldo battles all manner of beasties on four continents during his quest for this mysterious treasure.

GASP! as he discovers amazing new information that may lead to an actual female orgasm.

MOAN! as he produces fabulously effective means for making the clitoris bigger, at least for a while.

GIGGLE at the pure stupidity of it all.

Reynaldo respects you as a surfer. Thus there are no blind links or circle jerks on this site. Lord knows he's lost enough as it is...

WARNING! This is an adult site for women. If you are under 18, you must EXIT now!

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