Welcome to Reynaldo Columbus' Amazing Search For The Lost Clitoris.

Reynaldo has spent years in his search for this mysterious clitoris, a strange, indescribable object that is said to give women unspeakable pleasure.

From his earliest discovery of secret documents that speak obliquely of the clitoris, Reynaldo set out on a determined adventure, vowing never to stop until he knew exactly what the clitoris was, found it, and presented it to modern civilisation.

Reynaldo searches in deepest darkest Africa

Reynaldo searches in crazy over-excitable America

Reynaldo searches in Merry Olde Set-In-Its- Ways England

Reynaldo searches in sunny alcoholic Australia

Reynaldo's Large-Clitoris-Inducing Experiment using naked men

Another attempt to create the legendary large Clitoris

The real story of the Clitoris

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